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  • So, in addition to "consumer impressions," we are increasingly tracking "consumer expressions." To us, an expression is any level of engagement with our brand content by a consumer or constituent. It could be a comment, a "like," uploading a photo or video or passing content onto their networks. We're measuring those expressions and applying what we learn to global brand activations and those created at the local level by our 2,700 marketers around the world. For example, in our 24-Hour Live Session with Maroon 5, we captured impressions (the number of online views) but gained tremendous insights from expressions by our consumers — their comments, input on the song that was being created and what they shared with their networks.

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  • We found that only 45 percent of desks in offices are used at any one point in time today. So what we’re doing is aligning the idea of “buy/bring-your-own,” which is beginning to get traction in the IT world, with the idea of just provisioning work, so that companies give their employers a stipend, a budget, and the budget is for all aspects of the provisioning of work to suit them and the way they work.

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  • 10m online consumers in the UK said they have conducted a transaction using a mobile device in the last year. However, in what should be a convenient and simple way to shop, 83% of these consumers experienced problems when they attempted to complete their mobile transactions.
    While this is perhaps not surprising for such a young channel, the reaction of consumers is startling., The vast majority (75%) of online adult consumers believe that there is no excuse for a mobile transaction not completing on the first attempt.
    But the surprising statistics don’t stop there. The majority of mobile consumers actually said that conducting a mobile transaction should yield a better shopping experience than making the same purchase in store (51%) or at a computer (52%).
    In other words, same business proposition, just a different platform.

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