10 signs you’re getting old

Image courtesy of cienpie

  1. When buying a gadget/appliance, you forgo a huge discount on a grey market import to have the peace of mind that John Lewis provides
  2. You do research before buying white goods /  contemplate joining Which?
  3. You have a National Trust membership
  4. You use it
  5. You buy an extended warranty
  6. You celebrate a morning to yourself/ the kids being out by listening to Radio 4 and/or reading the Sunday papers
  7. You say (or even think) “aahhh, peace and quiet” at any point in your day
  8. You get an early night, despite the kids being out, as you don’t want to risk not having a full 12 hours sleep
  9. You can’t sleep past 7am anyway
  10. You buy a Christmas present before the end of September
*sigh* I tick far too many of these boxes….