back to the future…

…well that mat leave flew by and I am shocked to realise I’ve been back at work for 6 weeks already.

My digital todo list remained untouched whilst on mat leave whilst I focused on staring at my squish’s lovely face and intermittent Homes Under the Hammer watching.  Standard.  Explains why the blog is sorely neglected and Twitter got barely more than a fleeting glance….

Still doing creative @ Ruder FInn UK.

Still loving it. Still doing a beautifully bonkers collocate between London and Cornwall. Still loving waking up by the sea most of the time. Still loving my London trips and nights off being Mummy.

When I am down in the South West, I am squatting in the Boex design studio. They’re a talented bunch and you should really give them a shout if you’re after any 3D design or interior work.

Now I wonder how long my workspace will stay this tidy…..



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