links for 2011-03-28

  • Since the launch of Reputation Online in 2009, there has been one type of vendor that I receive pitches from on a daily basis above all others: social media monitoring firms. Partly because of the lack of knowledge about social media and the subsequent rush to do anything that looks like you’re trying to understand what people are saying about your brand online, this space has exploded over the past year. It’s still growing at a rapid pace, with larger technology companies getting in on the act (and often adding analytics into the mix), as well as PR agencies themselves launching solutions, and more granular tools cropping up that focus on specific networks (like Facebook) to provide very targeted insights.
  • Rumours of a Google music service were mentioned recently at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (last month), sparked by Motorola Mobility chief Sanjay Jha suggesting that the benefit of having its upcoming Xoom tablet run on Android Honeycomb is that "it adds video services and music services."
  • Put together by iSpy Marketing. I find this fascinating given the work that I was involved with at Yahoo! six years ago where social search was considered as a way that could provide a blue water strategy to compete with Google’s dominance in algorithmic search.
    (tags: social search)
  • This list describes fallacious ideas and beliefs that are documented and widespread as well as the actual facts concerning those ideas, where appropriate. Inclusion criteria are as follows: a misconception's main topic must have its own article; the misconception must have reliable source(s) which assert that it is a common misconception (or synonym thereof); the misconception and its reference(s) must be present in the topic article; and the misconception must be modern rather than ancient or obsolete.

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