links for 2011-01-20

  • PRWeek set out to pinpoint the five key trends that will define 2011. We began by canvassing senior PR professionals, asking them their views on what would be the defining events, technology, media happenings and other trends this year.
    Around 40 predictions were generated. These ranged from the obvious, such as: 'The Royal Wedding will dominate the media in 2011,' to the frankly bizarre: '2011 will see the first self-cleaning baby that sleeps through the night.'
  • But if there’s one thing that isn’t over it’s digital, which is why I get grumpy when I hear people talking post-digital trash. I understand what they’re trying to say. Hell, some of my best friends are post-digital. They’re suggesting digital is everyday and normal, that it shouldn’t be treated as something special. That ordinary, real people don’t regard digital as something different or extraordinary. And that we should be looking beyond the technology and focusing on human fundamentals.
  • What Glee Means for Twitter & TelevisionBy MIKE MELANSON of ReadWriteWebPublished: January 19, 2011SIGN IN TO E-MAILPRINT When you watch TV, do you watch with a smartphone in-hand or a laptop by your side, so you can keep up with what everyone is saying on Twitter? One TV show, more than the rest, has captured the attention of the Twitterverse and its popularity has implications for both Twitter and television.

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