Since stopping work for hols / maternity leave, my urge to sort out a new nursery for Becks 2.0 has been matched only by my e-nesting urges which include:

– buy/sort new server for all family media / music / pics etc

– sort out flickr feed

– make up a photo book of 2009

– sort out dismal linking and SEO on this blog

– rip my CDs and sort out music library

– sort out contacts…have hundreds of duplicates that drive me mad

– sort out birthday and dates calendar in GCAL for the family

– move household accounts onto Google docs so husband has no excuse for not looking at them/sticking to them 🙂

– do something with the URLs / websites I planned to set up in 2009

– cull / revise facebook and twitter friend lists to add new/interesting followers

– kill email archives / sort out storage for important docs held in email

– set up posterous site properly

I’ve got 6 weeks left, the nursery is almost finished…how far do you reckon I’ll get on this lot?


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  2. PaulieA · January 4, 2010

    i have a list exactly like that (minus nursery / new baby stuff)! quite jealous that you will actually get to do some of this, i’ll just stare at mine and ignore it

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