PR, consultant, advisor, communications, digital marketing

Welcome to a bit about me. I’m large London comms agency by training as LinkedIn will show you but recently ventured out as a consultant and advisor to clients on a freelance basis.

On the whole, the agency model is broken.

Many clients don’t know what they need when they sign an agency.  But they need to flex their needs instantly between ideas, activity, design, build, measurement, web dev….and the list goes on.

From experience, the one constant is strategic, innovative and creative ideas, advice, direction and concepts.  That’s what I do.

Whether you are internal comms or creative focused, digital marketing or old school PR, in-house or agency, you are still under pressure to produce ever more effective, creative and innovative ideas that still fit within your company strategy or agency client and pitch process.

I can help. Whether that is a retained agreement or a PAYG hour or so here and there when you really need it. We work on your terms.

I act as a senior comms advisor, a consultant and a wingman for anyone wanting to run campaigns that really make a statement and get results.

If you have a challenging brief or require a creative/innovative solution, I’d love to hear from you.


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